Come to West Edmonton Mall and be welcomed into world leading online experience in a retail environment!

Using the latest digital technology and stitching the many previously uncombined technology pieces together in new and innovative ways-combined with creative non-advertising content- creates an incredible immersive experience for the customer.

Soon, West Edmonton Mall will start to use the most innovative customer engagement solution. See for yourself and tour the store:

As the Digital Marketing Architect and Lead Systems Integrator, Robert Hubbs led the implementation of:

  • nearly 80,000 sq/ft of retail space with this technology
  • 470 digital displays
  • 252 computers
  • 45 km of cat6 cable
  • 5 km of fibreoptics
  • redundant server cache
  • 18 terabytes of in store data including multiple images and videos for over 40,000 products and per item level RFID tagging
  • Yes, this retail store has a server room with redundant power, cooling and fire suppression!

The Design Solutions Include:

  • Real time product information system for in store customer use
  • RFID tagged product and contactless interaction
  • Development of real-time interface and predictive caching of information from enterprise legacy database to Present customer friendly information through multiple interfaces, and do it less than 1 second.

Why is this a game changer?

Customers already want a better experience in the retail environment, that’s why online sales have risen plus customers that do go to stores use their smart phones to compare. Now, retail and online experiences are no longer separate competing entities.

Customers go to the store to get both, in an experience that is greater than either could provide independently.

Now, What has changed?

Customers want to be in the store, they cannot get this experience online. They are using their smart phone to tell friends to get themselves the store too, and it happened by word of mouth no advertising, the number of people in the store kept jumping up.

This has given the Retail industry a new way to get customers into their bricks & mortar stores

Bottom Line…

Advertising seeks to push or convince people that they want something. In contrast, this approach to digital market draws people into an experience that they really enjoy. Customers in turn want the products to expand that experience beyond the store.

The technology and the way it was put together enables that experience for the customer so instead of convincing people that they need this product, the new way is to show them how they could enjoy the product in an immersive exciting experience that they just cannot walk away from.