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We are a Hyper-Personalization Marketing Company.

Hyper-Personalization on the Internet is not just a reality, it has become a necessity.

The data being collected by social media can now be used for good, to save customers the headaches of trying to find the exact solution to their problem. We have the technical ability to take them by the hand and solve their problems in a very personalized way and for a good outcome.

Thus, attracting customers, wallet in hand, ready to buy is no longer a dream.

Delivering that rush of customers to your business in an orderly way that you want, can be achieved. It’s complex and it’s easy when you understand how. Either you or your competitor serve those customers, it might as well be your business especially when you know you will do a great job.

Success in 2019 demands–more than ever before–on expertly connecting your marketing, operations and technology together to attract those exact customers and deliver them to you.

What worked last year fails now. The online world changes fast, in many directions and many moving parts.

We bring it all together for you with the right technology, the right message, in the right place and at the right time.

    Harnessing Digital Disruption

    There are three key components to harnessing digital disruption. First you must understand your potential exposure to other businesses and technologies disrupting your business. Second, identify where your business can leverage digital technology to disrupt your industry and your competitors. Third, understanding and planning for technology changes taking place and how to capitalize on them.

    Profit Growth Audit

    The best way to grow and increase profits is by putting in place the missing pieces of your Profit Growth System. The deep dive into your business will show you where the roadblocks are and how to remove them. Take off the brakes and step on the gas.


    Profit Acceleration Solutions

    Generating more revenue is great and keeping more of that revenue is even better. You need solutions that maximizing every action, every resource and every dollar. The sooner you start the more money you will make.

    Management Advisory Services

    You may be eligible for 40 hours of business planning and marketing strategy work for your company, for only a small fee. Brenda Crompton delivers Management Advisory Services, which is a program is a CMC-Canada services supported and funded by NRC IRAP – the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program. For more information see the MAS Program.

    Strategic Marketing Insights

    Staying on top of your marketing and knowing what works is getting harder and harder. Keeping ahead of competitors and fending off newcomers demands business and marketing insights that let you act decisively.

    Strategic Stories

    Technology makes possible a deeper level of connection by allowing you to create and share the stories of your business and of your customers. Moving beyond case studies and white papers requires the integration of your strategy to connect with prospects and customers in a way that leaves a lasting impact far beyond the marketing and sales of products and services. Stories the lasting memories and create stronger brands