The Mirasand team is led by 2 senior Consultants: Brenda Crompton and Robert Hubbs. Both Ms. Crompton and Mr. Hubbs have founded several companies, and have extensive experience successfully building teams and managing change to support business progress & growth.

Robert A. Hubbs

Robert Hubbs is the real deal when it comes to technology gurus with an expertise in marketing. He knows how to design and implement technology at even the highest level of complexity to give Management complete control over their business and achieve their objectives.

Robert believes his personal mission is to answer the question “What does it take to create success for your technology business?”. This is because he started his first tech business at age 18, and his second at age 21 when there were few resources to help tech Entrepreneurs push through the challenges. So now Robert is driven to make an significant impact on the success of tech startups.

Most of the time Robert works behind the scenes with company execs either to show them how to raise investor dollars or create marketing messages that translate complex products into ideas that customers relate to and want.

Well Known Projects:

Robert had previously completed the architecture and implementation of the digital experience at the Sport Chek Flagship store in West Edmonton Mall. It is an extraordinary experiential environment.

Previous to the flagship store, Robert’s most famous work was the celebrated Sport Chek Retail Lab acclaimed to be the most exciting retail store in North America and winner of the “Excellence in Retailing Store Design” Award 2013.

Sport Chek AwardA long time senior technologist and systems design engineer, Robert Hubbs was an integral part of raising $3.8M in Angel financing for Signalink Technologies in his role as Chief Technology Officer, and as co-presenter with the CEO to Angel groups in cities across North America. When hard hitting, deep technology questions were delivered by seasoned veterans of Silicon Valley, Robert was able to quickly and easily deliver the answers, and thus satisfy the room of Angel Investors and earning Signalink the honor of being recognized as “Most Valued Company” in San Francisco.

Robert A. Hubbs has a unique ability to bring a blend of business and marketing savvy to product development and technology innovation. Robert’s work in really understanding market drivers, in building strategy and ability to follow through, as well as his deep technical knowledge & experience, team building and issues resolution capabilities has driven many endeavors to success.

KeiretsuMr. Hubbs is the only non-CEO to be invited to the “by-invitation-only” Keiretsu Forum Academy for CEOs. This is a prestigious honor. Of the CEO’s that apply to present business case to the Keiretsu, less than 10% are accepted, and only a small percentage of those people are invited to the CEO Academy.

Mr. Hubbs experience with high tech start-ups covers private market fund raising, due diligence, investor relations, general management, operations & finance, strategy and tactical development, business development, market strategy & positioning, product development & manufacturing, UL/ULC certification, and in leading all aspects of investor due diligence investigative reports.

Previously, Robert led the development of a wide variety of initiatives ranging from leading the Enterprise & Technical Architecture for a $20M logistics management system to an enterprise wide security management environment and strategic security architectures encompassing 35,000 user ID’s, 15 discrete platforms in over 100 locations Canada wide, to mission critical banking operational systems.

Robert has been through the renowned Xerox sales, customer focus training and quality leadership programs as well as participated in the productization of technology developments from Xerox PARC.

Robert Hubbs is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Independent Studies (Thesis: Complex Informational Databases)

Brenda Crompton

Brenda Crompton has often been called “the analogy queen” for her unique ability to explain complex concepts so they are easy to understand. She bridges the gap between the technical jargon and the rest of business, in a place where the two must very closely co-exist.

A serial Entrepreneur, Brenda started her first tech company at 23 with a highly regarded vertical market accounting system. In fact marketing for the software went so well the company failed due to lack of financial resources to meet the demand. Brenda was also co-founder of a wireless data communications company in 1990 leading the market years before that term was coined and became a part of all our mobile phones. There are challenges with being first to market for tech companies and Brenda experienced these first hand! Like Robert, Brenda wants to provide the support, skills and experience to tech companies so as to increase their success rate.

In addition, Brenda’s expertise includes her extensive experience working at the Enterprise level of businesses large and small. Her work with business has centered on negotiating multi-stakeholder enterprise wide improvements to increase profit through increasing sales through customer service, and reducing expenses with process improvement, organizational change management and the use of technology to achieve competitive advantage. Many times Brenda was leading projects for approaches that were first and best in class.

Recently, Brenda was Program Manager for the FGL Sports/Canadian Tire acquisition of Pro-Hockey Life for $85M, and the merger of their operations into FGL Sports alongside Sport Chek, Atmosphere and National Sports. Brenda also led the $18M Business Program to create a new Calgary Distribution Centre serving both Sport Chek and Mark’s Work Wearhouse retail stores in Western Canada.

Brenda Crompton was overall Program Manager for the $26M project Unify, an enterprise wide retail rationalization initiative involving  all business units enterprise wide to undertake the permanent closure of 95 stores in support of the companies “super branding”​ growth strategy. By facilitating financial “what-if”​ scenario analysis among the senior leadership team, we achieved final results that were 22% under budget and this achievement was recognized with the award “Outstanding Achievement, Most Successful Project“.

Premier's Award Service ExcellenceMs. Crompton’s most famous work is currently in use by every corporation in British Columbia. Under Ms. Crompton’s leadership, we won the contract to lead the implementation of the Business Corporations Act Project in British Columbia. Corporate Online was implemented in March 2004 and Brenda and the team she created were awarded the BC Premier’s Award for Service Excellence. Ms. Crompton comments “Sure, it was not the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, but Corporate Online still represents a world-wide Gold Medal for Online Incorporation in British Columbia!”

Since that time, Brenda Crompton has helped build a number of technology start-ups and online businesses.

Brenda was awarded 2009 BC Volunteer of the Year from Kids Help Phone for her efforts in raising significant funding and awareness of this important service that support our kids in their growth and independence. Ms. Crompton has been featured as a speaker for live events and in interviews in newspapers and on radio, where she has been described by others as an entrepreneur with courage and fortitude, a pleasant personality with witty humor and sharp intellect. Brenda is also a published author, having written articles for several magazines and a book called “Leaking Money: How Your Business is Losing Money, Opportunities and Customers and How To Stop It.

In 2008, Brenda Crompton was honored to be nominated for the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award by University of Waterloo.

Since 1989 Brenda Crompton has led a business with a focus on core business and financial technology systems. By 1993 she had expanded the business to include IT and infrastructure projects and by the mid-90’s was developing Internet based systems for clients. Brenda has been the leadership and driving force behind numerous large and diversified projects in e-business, customer service, operations, infrastructure, integration, decision support and budgetary systems.

Ms. Crompton’s ability to transition organizations from outdated processes into improved workflows in a diverse set of environments, combined with an ability to lead teams through change and in using repeatable methods to achieve rapid growth, makes Brenda a valuable asset with a unique skill set across multiple disciplines.

CMCMs. Crompton is a Certified Management Consultant and a graduate of the University of Waterloo, with a Bachelor of Arts (Economics).