Of course you know that your Customer Engagement Strategy is an essential component for finding new customers and it is critical to keeping the existing ones or bringing lost customers back into the fold.

Did you also realize that the way that you engage with customers now sets their expectations about you as a business, your product, the current transaction and it even influences how they feel about past transactions? It has the power to make or break a current customer experience in short win or lose the sale.

Given that it is so powerful it is no surprise that it is getting a lot of attention. It’s a great core strategy as it touches on everything. This can be a bit scary so let’s just focus on the finding of customers for a moment.

Everything you do to connect with your market should be focused on letting them Know You, Like You and Trust You. That is how the buyers will separate your company from others. Getting to know you is the easiest part. Conventional advertising has done that for years. But only in a superficial way. Getting to really know you takes multiple contacts. In the past that usually meant repeated ads in the same or different channels over a period of time. The customer was not in charge of the contact. The could not accelerate or delay the experience to match their needs.

That means that mostly advertisers were shouting and hoping to be heard enough times that people would seriously look at the product or service as a viable option for purchase. If it was too long or too inconsistent all the ad spend would be lost.

A coordinated Customer Engagement Strategy on the other hand means that a single contact with a potential customer can lead that customer back to you and put them in control of the experience and the speed of the engagement. The various approaches of online marketing and conventional marketing can all be included in a Customer Engagement Strategy because it looks at the bigger picture. It uses a full spectrum approach to making sure the customer has the access they need, when they need it for as long as they need it.

What helps them become a customer also helps them stay a customer and convert others into customers. And the same is true if you do not do a good job with the Customer Engagement Experience. If it makes it hard for them to be a customer it makes it hard for them to stay a customer. And makes it hard for them to convert others into customers.