At Mirasand we are all about the intersection of Technology and Business. We are crazy passionate about tech companies and what they can do and how they can “get the word out”.

When you meet us you will know – we kick ass at what we do


we want the world to know that you do too!

We have decades of experience with tech companies – and a lot of low tech companies as well.

We have started our own businesses, joined others, raised capital, built business plans, revamped strategies, created marketing plans, executed marketing plans, sold services and designed core business systems.

Originally founded by Brenda Crompton and Robert Hubbs in 1998 (as Infinitus) in response to the pain we saw tech companies having trying to put the word out about their products and services. Mirasand is our current evolution of how we see future possibilities.

Connecting with your ideal customers to sell products and services in the current economy where technology, marketing and customer experience converge is what we do best. 

Over the years we have partnered with or joined some of our clients to driver further into their business way beyond just consulting for them. We have written their marketing materials, negotiated licensing deals and even gone out and sold directly on their behalf.

Passionate about Your Business – Passionate about Results

What about experience you ask? Where are the gushing resumes and testimonials? Where do you find our list of hobbies and who has the highest video game scores?

Ok fine here check out our LinkedIn….