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Business Growth Coaching

Making sure you manage everything and everyone needed to grow is no easy task. Doing it by yourself is even harder. Coaching provides guidance, insight and expertise to get you growing faster and easier. Above all we have got your back.

Profit Acceleration Solutions

Generating more revenue is great and keeping more of that revenue is even better. You need solutions that maximizing every action, every resource and every dollar. The sooner you start the more money you will make.

Strategic Marketing Insights

Staying on top of your marketing and knowing what works is getting harder and harder. Keeping ahead of competitors and fending off newcomers demands business and marketing insights that let you act decisively.

Profit Growth Audit

The best way to grow and increase profits is by putting in place the missing pieces of your Profit Growth System. The deep dive into your business will show you where the roadblocks are and how to remove them. Take off the brakes and step on the gas.

Management Advisory Services

You may be eligible for 40 hours of business planning and marketing strategy work for your company, for only a small fee. Brenda Crompton delivers Management Advisory Services, which is a program is a CMC-Canada services supported and funded by NRC IRAP – the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program. For more information see the MAS Program.