Customer Engagement is about creating memorable experiences for, and with, your customers. It has always resided at the heart of any business and it has never been more important than it is now. It is how customers become fans.

The Internet has brought unlimited global competition that has changed how we do business forever.There was a time when having the right product at the right price was enough. People would find you and buy from you. Now there is too much competition, online, offline and around the globe.


Key Elements Of Great Customer Engagement


Connect your mission to the customers intent, whether it’s digital or not you are creating an experience it must be in alignment to really resonate with them.


Set the tone for the experience so they know what it will be early on. And it needs to be like that every time though it does not need to be identical. And the sooner you can show them what that experience is going to be like, the easier it is for them to deeply engage with you.


Discovery happens in impressiveness when they can see all the things that fit into the big picture and how it relates to what they are there for or looking at. It allows you to ass the elements you know fit into what they are looking for. This way they see the what they can add to their world.


Give an experience that provides the sense that they have a full picture. They feel that they are now masters of it – more so than when they walked it.


Eliminate barriers between you and your customers. Knowing their intent and working to fulfill that easily and quickly is critical. Their intent may not be purchase and you need to understand and support that. Whether their mission is gaining more information or completing a purchase it must be friction less.


Make sure they can get into and move within and stay within the experience from start to finish. Immersive experiences are so much more powerful because they never break away from the customer focus. It’s the difference between going to a museum and looking at a replica piece on a pedestal versus walking into the middle of it all. Immersion also creates more lasting memories because it fills in all the tiny little details that make it more real.


Where Discovery shows the things connected to the larger experience surprise shows something they can experience that they didn’t expect. Introduce something no so obvious – they will come away saying “that’s so cool” – must be captivating this is the kind of thing they talk about later
Bottom Line
You are not selling products, you are creating a world the product exists in and letting them step into it and live in. You are telling the story of the experience they are seeking. When you say is just talk. When they live in is real. Real make more customers then talk ever could.